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Yellow linen dress with embroidery Red wool coat with embroidery Blue wool coat with embroidery Red wool hangerock with embroidery Green wool hangerock with embroidery Red wool dress with embroidery Long wool cloak with boar skin mantle TK Viking Knife 2 TK Viking Knife 3 TK Viking Knife 4 VIKING TORQUE - 8mm hand crafted twisted silver torque / neck ring with large wolf head terminals Viking Knife 3 Viking Knife 4

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"Nordic culture through craft" ~ Since 1997

We sell only the finest quality handmade crafts from Northern Europe!

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Viking weapons and early Medieval weapons. Swords, spears, axes and saexes Viking helmets, shield bosses, body armour and gauntlets Viking costume, belts, pouches and cloak pins Silver and bronze Viking jewelry Viking banquet & feasting supples Viking accessories Viking games and toys Supplies for Pagan rituals, Asatru, Heathenism & Odinism Viking crafts, leatherwork and belt fittings CDs Runestones, t-shirts, gift cards & wall hangings Books

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Viking Age historical reproductions, replicas and handmade crafts from Sweden and England

Supplying the full range of Viking re-enactment gear, supplies, kit and equipment!

The Jelling Dragon online Viking craft store supplies re-enactors, museums, schools, theatres and movies with only the very highest quality handmade crafts and replicas.

We supply authentic Viking jewellery, weapons, costume, living history supplies, banquet supplies and accessories to Viking enthusiasts the world over.

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Recent spontaneous compliments received by email!

Thanks again! I've ordered a lot of things from the website in the past three months, & honestly I could not be happier!!!

Keep up the good work! I've got a drinking horn I expect any day now, (along with other things already dispatched) I've got five gallons of some of the best Mead I have made to date; so I can't wait to break it in!!!

Best wishes on all your indescribable business!

Sk?ld! My friends!!



The belt is here and it is a masterpiece! :) I am very very satisfied.

I will recommend your website to my medieval friends. Expect some new orders soon.

Best Regards,



I just wanted to let you know that the order arrived yesterday and, well, it is absolutely fantastic. It was bought as an item for the family as a whole and it's safe to say we all love it.

Thank you again,

Kind regards,



Thought I'd tell you the earrings made it. They look great! To the artist: Nice work!

Take care & thanks again,


I recently purchased two of your horn shot cups, I wanted to email you and say how wonderful they are and I'm very very pleased with them. They are a beautiful colour and have been finished wonderfully aswell. I was looking at purchasing one of the drinking horns for my partners birthday and after receiving the lovely cups I will happily order one and also tell my friends about your site.

Thank you very much for this amazing site,

yours sincerely



I would like to commend your store on the excellent delivery times especially the drinking horn which on the site had an estimated delivery time of 3-6 weeks but arrived on the tuesday after ordered it on the Friday evening. The quality of the horn looks amazing and I am looking forward to wetting my lips from it, and the Finnish Hunting knife which I also purchased feels perfect in my hands and has a very satisfying weight to it and is a credit to the workmans skill in creating it.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the speed in which your products arrived and the quality as I have been everytime I have made a purchase from your store and will definitely be buying from you again.

Kind Regards



I would just like to say i have bought form you before and have always been very impressed with the quality of the goods and the timely way they are shipped. Also the service is fantasic.

Cheers, Flynn


The Vikings goodies are wonderful and the water bottle which I immediately filled up with water is still full of water 2 days later - not a drop leaked - that's impressive!

All best, val


We received the ring this evening and are absolutely thrilled with it! The craftsmanship is remarkable! What a lovely piece to behold. I can't wait to order the raven wing ring very soon.

Thank you for your speedy response and remedy.



I would like to inform you that the blowing horn you sent me has just arrived... The quality of the horn is very high and the sound is very deep, loud and beautiful, I am very satisfied. I will surely recommend your online shop to all my friends; you also have been very helpful when the first horn I ordered a month and half ago got lost. Thank you very much for everything.

Best regards



I received the spear pendant with bear motif and am very pleased. Definitely another great product!

Thank you, John


Just wanted to say that everythings has arrived and it looks very nice (sewing kit and blowing horn). Will definitely do bussines with you again.

Thanks, Marin


I received the scabbard in the mail today, and I'm very impressed. It fits my sword beautifully, and the quality of the workmanship is unsurpassed! Very historical and very well-constructed (the same goes for the baldric, as well). Here's hoping we can do business again soon.

Take Care- All the Best,



Thanks for your great service thus far! I have 2 of your mead horns, an axe head, and I anticipate much more to come.

I love your products and I am very impressed with your commitment to quality and authenticity.

Thanks for your time.



I received my wolf head pendant today in fine shape (and good time). It is an awesome piece of work and design ~ I am extremely pleased with it. Thank you very much.

Best regards ~ Patricia, Texas


I went to pick up the drinking horn this evening and thought I must thank you. The horn is magnificent!

Thanks again, George


Received your Thor's Hammer and it is beautiful! Even better than I hoped!

Thank you so much

Heidi Knutson, Oregon, USA


The raven pendant arrived yesterday. It is wonderful. Thanks so much for providing fantastic and authentic Viking reproductions and wonderful customer service.



Thank you so much!

Finally i have this awesome Thor hammer! Just to say that you have a great collection of jewelery, very fine stock.

Best Wishes,by Odin!!!


I just wanted to thank you for the Knotwork Thors Hammer that arrived today. I only placed the order yesterday and it arrived today, grat service and the Thor's hammer looks fantastic.

many thanks



Just received my order...FANTASTIC! Thank you,



Just wanted to let you know that the horn arrived safely today. Thank you very much - I do appreciate your excellent customer care and would definitely recommend Jelling Dragon to anyone!

Best wishes,



My husband will only purchase his jewelry from you. He has multiple Hammers and necklaces. I think your craftsmanship beautiful. Thank You


Great looking gloves, even more padded than I was expecting. Cheers!


I got the pendant, I am really fondle of it. Beautiful piece!!!

Thanks a lot,



Received the new shorter chain today - it's lovely. Husband is a happy bunny! Thanks very much!

Kind regards,



Got the cauldron. Looks great. Thanks!



When I arrived home today, my husband told me that the Viking horn that I had ordered had arrived, and my son had opened it and was thrilled! Not only was it better then what I saw on the internet, but it arrived so quickly and efficiently, I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your company and it's service.

I found you by accident, but will make sure that from now on I will make sure that all of my friends and everyone I meet will order from you.

Thank you so much,



I have just received the pendant and chain.

I am VERY pleased with it.....a lovely, quality piece of work.

Thanks again for pulling out the stops my vinr!



My Horn arrived today and can I say its perfect! Not a hint of damage or scratching and very well packaged (it was not easy to open, and that's how I like it!) and you know what? Its exactly the colour of horn I wanted!!! Can't wait to try it out when I return from Collage. You guys have made my Pagan day!

I will hope to buy from you again in the future.

Celtic blessings from yours truly,



I just received the axe head pendant I ordered from you and it is fantastic. I really love the quality of the workmanship.




I received the pendant this morning and am very pleased with it. I will certainly be ordering more from you.

Wæs þu hæl



I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my order today and I'm absolutely amazed with how it looks.

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again for running such an amazing shop! Be sure that I will order more in the future!




I rec'd the cauldron today.

Amazing quality. Just great. Speaking for the whole group.we are happy with your product.

Thank you so much for delivering. You have a customer for life with me & Ravens of Odin (my Viking group).

Best regards..................Jaan


I've got my items. Thanks a lot! They are great!

Kind regards



Thank you very much I am very pleased with my pendants and ring.

Regards G M


I have ordered 5mm snake chain with wolfhead terminals, a split ring and a Thunder hammer from jelling dragon today.

I would like to thank you for all your assistance and time.

If anyone ever askes i'll be sure to tell them about my positive experience as a costumer.

Kind Regards,



I wanted to let you know that the horn arrived today. It certainly was well worth the wait - you've done a fantastic job with this and I am very, very pleased. I'm very happy to report as well that the first test of the horn went very smoothly...

My thanks again!

I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again regarding other things.

Regards, Phil


The quality of your products is outstanding. Thanks for shipping the items so quickly. I look forward to doing business in the future

Sincerely, Brett


I just received the pendant and I am thrilled. It is really beautiful. I love going to your site and seeing something new and it is always top quality. Thank you very much.

Cheers, Peter.


Thanks very much, arrived safe on Saturday morning (Brill).....& it looks better than the web photo. Thanks again & yes I will use you again in due time....



Thank you I recieved my order today. It is perfect!

Baie Dankie! Clarice


We received the items today and they are fantastic :) Thanks again for providing another perfect transaction on quality items.

Sincerely, John


Just to say a big thank-you, the crystal ball pendant has arrived and is stunning - my wife is over the moon.

Happy new year, David


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that all items on this order have arrived safely and that I am absolutely delighted with them. Many thanks to you and your suppliers for such quality work. I look forward to buying from you again.

All the best, David.


many thanks for the great service and prompt delivery, once again i am very happy with items.

regards terry


I was given one of your silver Hammers as 21st present this June, worn it everyday since and it's just superb! The weight, feel, craftsmanship it's just fantastic. If this is anything to go by i'll defiantly keep an eye on your shop.



I have receive the thor statuette and the horn! I'm really satisfied! Both are really beautiful. Thanks for all and congratulations, keep the good work!

Heathen regards, Alexis


Recently purchased two pendants, Frey and Freyja and a ring, double wolf's head. Must say your delivery is fast, thank you. All 3 items look much better in person than the web pics, very clean and detailled. Very satisfied, will buy from you again without hesitation.

Best fortune, Wodenkin


Today the belt arrived! It?s a very nice piece!

best regards, Andy


greetings to you, many thanks for the quick delivery of my ring. many people, love it. so much so that i have to order more .

many thanks, terry


Thanks very much for the goods received so far - they're all excellent quality as expected, and I really appreciate the speedy despatch as it's been a life saver! I will definitely put you on the 'to be recommended' list!

Thanks again for you help, Deb


The Wolfhammer arrived about an hour ago and I'm extremely pleased with it. Its exactly as pictured/described and perfectly cast. The bronze too, seems to be of a better recipe for jewellery than that used by Museums Kopi Smykker, who demand several times the price.

Thank you, Mr S Conkie, Glasgow


I'm really impressed by the service you deliver! Not only in delivering the goods - but also giving good responses to questions! Most onlinestores would have ignored my e-mail and left me wondering if I even would get my order at all. You can quote me on that!

Best wishes Bjørn (a regular customer from now on!)


Just to let you know the package has arrived this morning. I am MOST impressed with the items! And the superb packaging.

Very many thanks!


Just to let you know that the horn arrived safely at my daughter's in Scotland. I asked her to have a look at it and to send me some pics, so she did. Both she and I think it's very beautiful, so I just wanted to say that I'm REALLY really pleased with my order.

Best regards, Eva


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MARCH 2017


Wool embroidered tunics - burgundy




Viking crucifix pendant from Denmark



JULY 2016

Twisted bracelets with Gotlandic dragon heads - bronze

Twisted bracelets with wolf heads - bronze

MAY 2016

Horn bowls and plates

Horn spoons and forks

8mm snake bracelet with new wolf heads - silver

Rubber blunts for arrows

APRIL 2016

8mm snake bracelet with Gotlandic dragon heads - silver

5mm snake bracelet with Gotlandic dragon heads - silver

Snake chains with Gotlandic dragon heads Simple split rings for hanging your Thorshammer or pendant Viking Futhark runes set carved in ash wood

Hand-forged 2mm steel heavy shield boss

MARCH 2016

Gotlandic twisted armring - silver!

8mm king bracelets

Large bronze Saxon disc brooch


NEW! Viking ship bracelet - bronze

NEW! Twisted bracelet/armring with wolfheads - bronze

Urnes teardrop pendants


Wool Viking coat

Banded sandstone whetstones

5mm snake bracelet with new wolf heads - silver

New! 5,6 & 8mm Thorshammer necklaces with new wolf heads Halleby bracelet - silver


Wooden spoons

Viking tent

Viking tent

5mm king bracelets

8mm king chain

LIWS1 - Wine Skins! Great for wine/mead/ale/water!

LIWB1 - Large water bottles - great for water/ale/wine/mead!

Filigree beard rings - silver

Urnes beard rings - silver

3mm snake chain

Large Antler Toggles

Large horn cups with wooden base


Horn mead cups with wooden base

Viking Raven T- Shirt

Viking Wolf T-Shirt

PLV130 - Wolf head hammer - bronze



JULY 2015

JUNE 2015

MAY 2015

MARCH 2015

Hand-forged 2mm steel shield boss

Hand-forged 2mm steel shield boss

Large bronze Saxon/Viking disc brooch

Medieval 'Wolf Hall' Buckle

Wool Viking hood - now in black!