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Wooden bowls and plates, hand turned in northern Europe from native beech wood, sealed and treated with natural oils.

MCB12 Wooden Bowl. Diameter 12cm (5"), internal depth 40mm (1.4"). Out of stock! Wooden Viking bowl 12cm
MCB20 Wooden Bowl. Diameter 20cm (8"), internal depth 60mm (2.4"). £20, US$, € add to cart Wooden Viking bowl 20cm
MCP20 Wooden Plate. Diameter 20cm (8"). Out of stock! Turned wooden Viking plate 20cm


Our beautifully polished horn bowls are made from a single piece of cow horn that has been flattened, pressed and then sanded to shape.
HLRHBB Round horn Bowl with brass rim.

Diameter 13.5cm (5.25"), depth 5 cm (2").

£20, US$, € add to cart Horn Bowl with brass rim
HLLHOP Long horn oval plate / platter.

Length 28.5cm (11.5"), width 11 cm (4.5").

£18, US$, € add to cart Long horn oval plate
HLSHSP Square striped horn plate

Diameter 17cm (6.75").

£18, US$, € add to cart Square horn plate - striped
HWRB3 Horn Bowl. Size 15cm (6 inches).
£29, US$, € add to cart HWRB3 - Horn Bowl