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Orders are usually processed and despatched within 1 working day.

If all of the items that you have ordered are currently in stock, then you should expect to receive your order in...

*** UK 1-5 working days ***

*** Europe 3-7 working days ***

*** Worldwide 5-9 working days ***

..but please allow up to 28 days in total for delivery as postal delays do sometimes occur.

The Jelling Dragon holds a large number of items in stock (enough for about 3-6 months) but please contact us first if you want to make sure that your items are in stock. If we suddenly receive lots of orders for the same product then it's quite possible it can be out of stock but not marked as such on the website.

When ordering multiple items please contact us to make sure we have enough in stock first

For delivery times of items not currently held in stock please read on...


Non stock/made to order items are all marked by the following symbols: We don't keep this item in stock. Click here for delivery times Made to order

They are either items that must be custom made to order or they are items that, due to low demand, we do not keep in stock.

These items must then be ordered from our suppliers and this will take time.

See below for estimated delivery times of these non-stock items.

Estimated Delivery Times for NON STOCK or OUT OF STOCK items

Hand made crafts take time, so please be patient. The following table can be used as a guide.
Contact us first if you'd like to find out what we have in stock.

The letters in brackets indicate the product codes (e.g. AD* = Product codes beginning with AD).

Shoes (AN*)
Weapons and helmets (PH*)
Jewelry (AD*)
Glass, and misc. (SG*)
Ironwork (SG*)
1-2 weeks
Ironwork (AP*, IF*, TM*)
3-6 weeks
Clothing (MM*, WL*, NB*)
Leather goods & custom drinking horns (KR*, RT*,)
Horn, bone and antler goods (HW*)
Weapons (WL*)
1-2 months
Bronze castings (RS*)
1-6 months
Hand crafted swords (AC*)
3-6 months

The Jelling Dragon has built its reputation by consistently delivering on its promises. Not only do we live up to our customer's expectations but usually we exceed them!

Each of our suppliers have been vetted for their reliability and consistently exceptional work.

In the past we have had to deal with suppliers who were not so reliable, but over time we have learned who we can trust and now only employ the best and most reliable.

Our wish is that you will never be disappointed and we will refund any purchase you are not entirely happy with.