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MMGA7V - Viking Gambeson

Triple-padded Viking gambeson with a side split and now in 3 sizes!

Knee length, ¾ sleeve padded body armour to wear either as a standalone piece or under your outer armour in sizes M-XL.

All are around 100cm (39.5") long and made up of
  • linen top layer
  • second strengthening layer (cotton)
  • 3 layers of wadding on body, 2 layer on arms
Size M: waist girth 90-100cm (35-39"), chest girth 100-110cm (39-44") Weight: 3.5Kg.

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Size L: waist girth 95-110cm (38-44"), chest girth 110-120cm (40-48") Weight: 4Kg.

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Size XL: waist girth 110-130cm (48-52"), chest girth 110-140cm (48-56") Weight: 4.5Kg.

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£165, US$, €  Viking Gambeson  Viking Gambeson