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Designed for Viking re-enactment / live steel combat

CVLG1 Re-enactment, full-contact padded leather gauntlets

A pair of thick leather gloves/gauntlets with 3mm thick leather plating & 8mm thick foam padding for full-combat re-enactment.

Rivetted & stitched together for extra strong durability!

One size fits most.

Length ‐ 28cm (11"), weight ‐ 445g ( per pair

Please note that our new stock is now in light brown leather, as pictured

Price: £90, US$, € add to cart Made to order in 1-2 weeks

Thick leather gauntlets Thick leather gauntlets

MMGL1 - 3‐fingered quilted arming gloves

A pair of three-fingered quilted gloves with leather front and quilted back and cuffs for added protection.

The special cut assures more mobility for hands and wrists and makes the grab of the sword more stable.

One size fits all.

Length ‐ 25cm (10"), weight ‐ 420g (0.9lb) per pair

Price: £45, US$, € In stock now!

3-fingered quilted arming gloves


Leather forearm bracers / armguards

Designed to protect you in combat.

CVAG Leather forearm bracers / armguards

A pair of thick 5mm leather armguards/bracers in large and medium sizes.

Laced up with thick leather thong and finished with a light brown dye.

Present stock is the same colour as the CV gauntlets above.

Large - Length: 28cm (11"), width at the top: ~12.5cm (5"), width at wrist: ~8cm (3.2")

Circumference at the top: 36-40cm (14-15"), circumference at the wrist: 20-24cm (8-9.5")

Price: £69, US$, € In stock now!

Medium - Length: 28cm (11"), width at the top: ~10cm (4"), width at wrist: ~5cm (2")

Circumference at the top: 30-33cm (10-11"), circumference at the wrist: 18-21cm (7-8.25")

Price: £65, US$, € In stock now!

Leather forearm bracers / armguards