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Our Viking and early medieval glasses are all produced by hand using the same techniques that were employed 1000 years ago, making each glass a unique work of art.

The raw material for our glass is specially prepared to attain the colour, varying structure and amount of air bubbles that can be found in the originals.


Glass was first produced about 5000 years ago in the middle east presumably as a development of pottery glazes. The earliest blown glass is from the 1st century AD and was produced in the Eastern Meditteranean. The art of glass blowing spread rapidly over Europe, mostly within the Roman Empire. One of the earliest centres was situated around the Rhine Valley in what is now Germany and eastern France. Further expansion over Europe took place during the 6-7th Century when the first pieces started appearing in Scandinavia.


SG305 Viking mead set

SG305a - Viking mead bottle on iron stand

Total height on stand 27.5cm (10.75"). Bottle height 23cm (9").

Capacity 400ml (0.75 pints).

£29, US$, € Made to order in 1-2 weeks

SG305 - Viking mead set - Mead bottle & 2 x glasses

All cone glasses in stock now!
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SG301 Decorated Viking cone beaker with iron stand

The cone beaker was the most common type of glass vessel during the Viking age. A large number have been found in Scandinavia and across Europe. The following four examples are all copies of finds from the Viking trading centre of Birka in Sweden. They are made of green glass like the originals and come with a hand forged iron stand.

Capacity 200ml (7 US fl. oz.), glass height 135mm (5.5"), with stand 155mm (6.2"), diameter 90mm (3.3")

SG300 - Plain cone beaker with iron stand

£20, US$, €

In stock now!

SG295 - Plain cone beaker with iron stand & blue rim

£25, US$, €

In stock now!

SG301 - Decorated cone beaker with iron stand

£25, US$, €

In stock now!

SG301a - Decorated cone beaker with iron stand & blue rim

£29, US$, €

In stock now!


Copies of migration period glasses from Scandinavia and England. Each one is a unique hand made work of art.

SG682Green glass claw beaker from England and Norway, 6th Century.

Capacity 40cl, height 19cm. In stock now!

£49, US$, €
SG851Brown glass claw beaker with white glass decoration, from Borre, Norway, 6th Century.

Capacity 60cl, height 19cm. In stock now!

£75, US$, €
SG713Large green glass claw beaker from England and Sweden, 7th Century.

Capacity 60cl, height 27.5cm. In stock now!

£79, US$, €


The excavations at the ancient Viking trader centre of Birka in Sweden have revealed many unique finds in Viking graves. The following glasses are reproductions of three such finds.

SG303Clear Persian glass with etched floral decoration. Height 9cm, diameter 10cm In stock now! £29, US$, €
SG632Round Viking glass with added glass decoration. Height 9cm. In stock now! £29, US$, €
SG304Small, clear Viking "shot" glass. Height 6cm. More shot glasses. In stock now! £10, US$, €


Medieval beer glass

SG611Medieval beer glass In stock now! £20, US$, € Medieval beer glass


SG119Kuttrolf In stock now! £30, US$, €