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Frequently Asked Questions

Europe - Euro Zone

  • How do I know how much I will actually be charged in Euros?

    Euro prices are displayed next to each item on the website. The total Euro price including shipping is displayed on the shopping cart. Click the 'add to cart' buttons next to the items that you are interested in to see the total Euro price in the shopping cart.

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    The final Euro price that you will actually be charged will depend upon the exchange rate used by PayPal (if you are paying by credit card) or your bank (if you are paying by bank transfer). This final amount will be displayed on the PayPal payment page and you will be given the option to proceed or to cancel your order at that stage. Therefore there is no obligation to complete your order until you have seen the final price.

  • Does Jelling Dragon charge VAT / MOMS / Sales Tax?

    VAT is included in all our prices.
  • Why are the prices in your shopping cart all in British Pounds?

    This is because we are a British company. All our payments go through a British bank account. An approximate price in Euros is displayed next to each item and in the shopping cart total price.
  • What shipping method does Jelling Dragon use?

    Our orders are sent by Royal mail regular airmail. Large or heavy parcels are sent via trackable courier.

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