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Frequently Asked Questions

Rest of the World - Cananda, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland etc.

  • How do I obtain a quotation in my local currency?

    Add all the items to your shopping cart and a total price in British Pounds (including shipping) will be displayed on the shopping cart screen. You can then enter the amount into the currency conversion form below to see how much that would be in your own currency. You may then proceed to the checkout, or you can exit the shopping cart without purchasing if you wish.

    We have provided the most commonly used currencies on this form. If your currency does not appear on this form then please go to a currency conversion website such as


    For quick reference here are today's exchange rates:

    1 Pound sterling (GBP) =

    Australian dollars (AUD)
    Canadian dollars (CAD)
    Swiss francs (CHF)
    Danish krone (DKK)
    Icelandic krona (ISK)
    Japanese yen (JPY)
    Norwegian Krone (NOK)
    New Zealand dollar (NZD)
    Russian rubles (RUB)
    Swedish krona (SEK)

  • How do I know how much I will actually be charged in my local currency?

    The final price that you will actually be charged will depend upon the exchange rate used by PayPal (if you are paying by credit card) or your bank (if you are paying by bank transfer). This final amount will be displayed on the PayPal payment page and you will be given the option to proceed or to cancel your order at that stage. Therefore there is no obligation to complete your order until you have seen the final price.

  • Does Jelling Dragon charge VAT / MOMS / Sales Tax?

    Jelling Dragon does not add on any VAT / MOMS / sales tax. In some cases you may be charged local sales tax when you receive the parcel.
  • Why are the prices in your shopping cart all in British Pounds?

    This is because we are a British company. All our payments go through a British bank account.
  • What shipping method does Jelling Dragon use?

    Unless you select "International Tracked", our orders are sent by regular airmail. Large or heavy parcels are sent via trackable courier.

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