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Copies of Viking runestones from Sweden and Gotland.

Each stone is free standing and is 4-6 inches (10-15cm) tall and about 1 inch (2-3cm) deep. They are handmade in Sweden from a natural substance that has the feel of real stone.

AY14Runestone from Lund, Skåne.

The inscription reads "Kå-Ulf and Auter errected this stone for Tume their brother who owned the Gudis-snape."

Height 5 inches (13cm). Weight 250g.

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Copy of a runestone from Lund, Sweden
AY19Runestone from Sőrmland.

The inscription reads "Håmund-Ulf erected this stone for Rolf his father, and Őborg for her husband.

They owned the village of Släbro. Frősten and Rolf were competent men."

Height 4.5 inches (12cm). Weight 170g.

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Copy of a runestone from Sormland, Sweden
AY35Runestone from Őstergőtland.

The unique inscription on this runestone contains several allusions to heroic poems and legends from the 10th century that have now been lost to us.
One stanza near the middle is in exactly the same metre as the poetic Edda.
It reads "At the time Tjodrik the brave, Chieftain of the warriors at sea, ruled the shore of the sea of Reid.
Now he is on horseback armed, on his gotic horse, with shield on his shoulder, the most important of märingar."

Height 6 inches (15cm). Weight 445g. Runes cover all sides of the stone.

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Copy of a runestone from Őstergőtland, Sweden
AY20The Sigurd stone from Sőrmland.

Copy of a carving found in a rock face in Ramsund, Sweden. The carving shows scenes from the legend of Sigurd the dragonslayer.

In the bottom right Sigurd can be seen slaying the dragon Fafnir with his sword Gram.
In the centre Sigurd's horse Grani is tied to a tree.
Centre left Sigurd sucks his thumb which he burnt while cooking the dragon's heart for his step-father Regin the Smith.
In tasting the dragon's blood Sigurd learns the language of birds (centre right) who warn him that Regin intends to kill him.
On the left Regin lies decapitated after Sigurd has killed him, Regin's smithy tool lie around him.

The inscription along the dragon's body reads "Sigurd made this bridge, mother of Alrik, doughter of Orm, for the soul of Holmger, father of Sigrőd, her husband".

This reproduction lies flat like a paper-weight. Height 3/4 inches (2cm), length 6 inches (15cm). Weight 335g.

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Sigurd stone from Ramsund, Sőrmland, Sweden
AY25Runestone from Uppland.

The inscription reads "Ingefast had this stone erected for Olaf his father, and Őd for her husband."

Height 5.5 inches (14cm). Weight 195g.

Out of stock! Copy of a runestone from Uppland, Sweden


Older than most Swedish runestones the Gotland picture stones are truly pagan and show scenes from Norse mythology.

AYGS1Lärbro picture stone from Gotland.

Height 4.5 inches (12cm). Weight 315g.

Out of stock! Copy of a picture stone from Larbro, Gotland
AYGS2Hunninge picture stone from Gotland.

Height 4 inches (10cm). Weight 175g.

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Copy of a picture stone from Hunninge, Gotland