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MWVK3 - Viking knife with carbon steel sharpened blade, maple & mahogany handle with rivetted brass fittings.

Unique Viking knife inspired by various Viking finds from Birka and other archaeological discoveries.

It is fitted with a strong EN45 carbon steel sharpened blade (hrc 55) with a maple & mahogany handle.

The handle has been made from hand-polished mahogany & dot marked maple & capped with a rivetted brass end.

All blackened markings are traditionally done using charcoal and the wood handle is hand-polished several times and finished with beeswax

Viking Knife 3

Viking Knife 3 with sheath

Viking Knife 3 in sheath

Total length: 22cm (8.5"). Blade length: 11.5cm (4.5"). Total weight with sheath: 167g (0.35lb).

Price £150, US$, €

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