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The following Viking helmets are designed to withstand the rigours of re-enactment combat.
Each is made from either 14 gauge (1.9mm) or 16 gauge (1.5mm) polished sheet steel with steel rivets.
Inside each helmet is an adjustable leather liner and leather chin strap.

The LARGE helmets will fit a large male head + padding.
The MEDIUM helmets will fit a large male head without padding, or a medium male head with padding.

Spangenhelm with large nasal guard. 9-12th century, Europe and Scandinavia.
Made from 16 gauge (1.5mm) polished steel plates.

PHAB0399 - MEDIUM (61-62cm (24") internal circumference, weight 2.2kg (5lb)) add to cart

£75 US$, € Spangenhelm 9-12th century
Gjermundbu Viking helmet. 10th century Viking helmet from Norway.
Made from 14 gauge (1.9mm) polished steel plates

PHAB0483 - MEDIUM (61-62cm (24") internal circumference, weight 2.4kg (5.4lb)) add to cart
PHAB0484 - LARGE (65-66cm (26") internal circumference, weight 2.7kg (6lb)) add to cart

£95, US$, € Gjermundbu helmet
Coppergate Helmet. 8th century helmet found in a Viking house in Coppergate, York, England.
Made from 14 gauge (1.9mm) polished steel plates with brass decoration, hinged cheek flaps and rivetted mail aventail.

PHAB0521 - LARGE (65-66cm (26") internal circumference, weight 4.6kg (10.3lb))

£275, US$, € Coppergate Helmet

NEW! Pimpstone

WSPS1 - Pimpstone.

An abrasive block used to to clean and shine any of your weapons/armour/cutlery/cauldrons.

Works great on rust, ground in dirt, oil and any welded on food residue!

Total length: 8cm (3.1"), width: 5cm (2"), depth: 2cm (0.75").

Price £7, US$, €


Arming cap to pad out your helmet helmet, providing both scalp protection against abrasion and shock absorption. Crafted in padded cotton-canvas with neck ties.

PHAB0313 - LARGE Padded arming cap

£15, US$, € Padded arming cap


Wooden helmet stand, painted black. Comes flat-packed in 3 screw-together pieces.
Height 35cm / 14 inches. Base width 20cm / 8 inches

PHOB3064 Wooden helmet stand

£20, US$, € Wooden helmet stand