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Copies of Viking Age finds in sterling silver and bronze based upon figures from Norse Mythology. The tree of life - Yggdrasil, Odin's horse Sleipnir, Valkyries and Fafnir pendants.

Bronze Sleipnir pendant

AD140 - Valkyrie/Shield Maiden Pendant

A direct replica of a 10th Century pendant found in Denmark.

Viking warriors would wear such a pendant into battle so that their souls would be carried to Valhalla1

Thought to be either a representation of a shield maiden, or of a Valkyrie

Height 36mm (1.4"), width 10mm (0.2").

Silver - £129, US$, € -->

Bronze - £57 US$, €

Valkyrie pendant Valkyrie pendant

PLV223 Yggdrasil pendant - silver

Yggdrasil, the tree of life.

An eternal green ash tree that was believed to have grown in Asgard and so vast that it's branches stretched across all 9 realms.

Diameter 32mm (1.25").

Silver - £49, US$, €

Silver Yggdrasil pendant

PLV733 Yggdrasil pendant - bronze

As above, but in solid bronze.

Bronze - £15, US$, €

Bronze Yggdrasil pendant

SNVKBPSLEI Sleipnir pendant

Odin's eight-legged horse which he uses to travel between worlds. Sleipnir carries the fallen heroes into Valhalla.

Height 25mm (1").

Bronze - £18, US$, €
Silver - out of stock!

Bronze Sleipnir pendant

SNFAF1 - Fafnir Pendant

Fafnir with his magical ring from the tale of Sigurd the Dragonslayer.

Fafnir's golden ring made him so greedy he eventually turned into a dragon sitting upon a hoard of treasure.
Tolkien drew much inspiration from this tale, from Sauron's ring to the dragon Smaug.

Height 25mm (1").

Bronze £12, US$, €

Fafnir pendant

Polishing cloth

GRMPC1 - Metal polishing cloth.

An impregnated polishing cloth designed especially to shine your jewellery.

Works especially well on all bronze & silver products.

Total length: 19cm (7.5"). Width: 12cm (5").

Price £3, US$, €


Round section genuine rolled leather thong for suspending your pendant. Length 80cm / 31".

Black leather thong, diameter 1mm£1, US$, €
Natural leather thong, diameter 1mm£1, US$, €
Black leather thong, diameter 1.5mm£1.25, US$, €
Black leather thong, diameter 2mm£1.50, US$, €
Natural leather thong, diameter 2mm£1.50, US$, €
Black leather thong, diameter 3mm.£2, US$, €
Natural leather thong, diameter 3mm.£2, US$, €

We also sell 100m reels of leather thong. Available to purchase here


Slim sterling silver chains for suspending pendants.

CGVVBAHA - Slim silver chain - Single linked 'anchor' chain
CGVVBAHA - Slim silver chain, single linked, length 46cm (18"), weight 2.2g - £11, US$, €

CGVVBBHA - Medium silver chain, single linked, length 46cm (18"), weight 4.9g - £18, US$, €

Complete Viking necklaces with handmade silver chains

SN3ASW - 3mm anchor chain with 12mm and 20mm crystal ball pendants SN5SW - 5mm snake chain with wolf head terminals and adjustable butterfly fitting

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