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We have now have 2 tents, which will be shipped from our EU supplier directly to your door within 2-6 weeks.

GAVT1Viking Tent. A great example of a late Viking tent, hand-crafted and ideal for re-enactment!

Made from 350g tent cotton and impregnated against water, fungi and rotting.

Size: 3.4 x 2m (11'3" x 6'6"). Height 2m (6'6"). Weight 50kg (167 lb).

Cloth Dimensions: 80cm x 20cm x 20cm.

Parts include:

1 x Tent cover - cotton impregnated against fungi rotting and water.

6 x spruce round wooden poles - 6cm (2.3")diameter, 2m (6'6").

6 larch wood boards - 140 x 22mm (5.5 x 0.8"), length 2.50m (8.35').

6 hemp ropes.

3 metal sleeves.

The canvas and boards are to be connected to the poles by the hemp ropes.

Instead of wooden wedges, we use hemp ropes, so that you can use in addition to rain protection. However, you can use wedges too, as it already has drilled holes.

The rope is also flexible, to make it easy to convert your tent into a stall.

(Note: Stall boards are not included, but we can add them on request for an extra cost).

Unavailable at the moment Viking Tent
GAVT2Late Viking / Early Medieval Tent. A great tent for re-enactment encampments, or market stalls!

Made from dense 350g cotton, impregnated against water and rotting.

Choose from natural or white.

Size: 4 x 6m (13.5 x 20 feet). Weight 80kg (179 lb)

It can accommodate 3-4 people and the entrance flap is 1.8 meters (6 feet) for easy access, with the middle-height inside the tent is approximately 2.50 meters (8.25 feet).

The canopy is great protection from the rain/snow and provides shade when the sun is shining!

You can open the tent up and use it as market stand to sell your wares too!

Parts include: .

1 tent cover .

2 split floor rods, each 2.50m long (8.35')

1 roof rack, 2m (6'6").

2 wooden poles, each 2.10m (7')(for the canopy).

2 cotton ropes.

2 large pegs.

12 small pegs.

Unavailable at the moment Viking/Medieval Tent