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High quality Viking and Medieval weapons for sale. Buy online now!

Battle Ready Weapons

Battle ready Viking swords Battle ready Medieval Swords Battle ready Viking weapons

Re-enactment weapons (also called battle ready / live steel weapons) have to withstand much greater punishment than the originals would have done as they are used repeatedly each week clashing against opponent's swords and shields to produce exciting combat displays. For this reason all our swords are produced using modern alloy steels of the highest quality.

We are confident that our battle-ready weapons will not break so each carries a one year guarantee.

Collector's / Sharp Weapons

Sharp Viking swords Sharp Viking weapons

Sharp steel weapons suitable for displaying to the public, or adding to your attire or private collection.

Bows arrows & arrowheads

Viking Bows and Arrowheads

Steel arrowheads, rubber archery blunts and slings

Custom made sword scabbards and fittings

Hand stitched leather sword scabbards - detail.

Banquet & Camp Knives

Viking Knives

Go to the Viking knives and saexes page in our Viking & Medieval banquet supplies section.