Most of our products have moved to The Viking Dragon - Only Viking weapons are still available on this site for the time being, but we will be looking at having all of our products available on here again soon. Use the menus below to access The Viking Dragon pages for all of our products and collections.

The Jelling Dragon – Viking craft store

Nordic Culture Through Craft – since 1997


We sell authentic Viking reenactment weapons from Northern Europe

We supply Viking reenactment weapons, such as replica Viking Reenactment Swords, Replica Viking Axes, Replica Viking Knives, Replica Viking Bows and Arrows, Replica Viking Spearheads and Handmade Leather Viking Sword Scabbards. For all of our other products, please go to our sister site, or click on any of the other category / product links to take you there.

Shop Our Collection of Reenactment Weapons Including, Viking Swords, Viking Axes and Viking Spearheads