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About us, our products & our Philosophy

The Jelling Dragon was founded in 1996 by Viking re-enactor and Dark-Age Pagan enthusiast Rob Taylor (aka Ruald the Wad).

Rob started his business while battling his way around Viking festivals in the UK and Northern Europe. Over time he began to finance his trips by selling wares from his small replica tent.

The Jelling Dragon stall back in the early days

Rob joined The Vikings in 1988 and was one of the founder members of the Jomsborgelag, a small group that grew to be an international Viking re-enactment society that now has a membership of hundreds with dozens of groups located in countries all over the world.

Rob with big axe

He was also a founder member of The Jomsvikings international warrior brotherhood, and helped to pioneer the expansion of the hobby beyond the borders of the UK by taking part in the first ever Viking re-enactment combats in countries such as Norway, Poland, Iceland and The Netherlands.

The first Wolin Viking Festival in Poland

The Jomsvikings in Iceland 1995

The Jelling Dragon online store was created in 1997. Since then it has undergone many upgrades and transformations. Originally it was a small online catalogue at, this relocated to and then in 2001 we moved over to our present domain at

Not long after the founding of The Jelling Dragon online store Rob left the Jomsborgelag and The Jomsvikings to pursue a solo Viking career, battling his way across Northern Europe and the Scandinavian countries before settling in Sweden for a while.

Rob is now back in the UK and The Jelling Dragon has grown to become the world’s premiere online Viking re-enacment store. As well as Viking re-enactors and living history enthusiasts, our customers also include film companies (such as those that produced Game of Thrones and Beowulf), theatres, museums, schools and followers of the Nordic faith and tradition.

The store now is managed by Rob’s brother Brian, while Rob spends most of his time exploring the world and writing books. Rob has published two books so far under his pseudonym Rob Wildwood. These are “The Magical Places of Britain”, which is a photographic guide to Britain’s natural sacred sites, and “Primal Awareness”, which is a history of mankind’s separation from nature.

Primal Awareness by Rob Wildwood

The Magical Places of Britian by Rob Wildwood

Land of the Fae by Rob Wildwood

Rob’s personal website can be found at

The Magical Places

Rob has started a new grove of trees via Trees for Life. If you want to add to his grove or make a donation to Trees for Life then click on the logo below:

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