Bronze Viking Bracelets

Bronze Viking Bracelets
Bronze Viking Bracelets & Arm Rings - Viking Jewelry

Viking Bracelets & Arm Rings in Bronze, Copper & Copper Alloy

The following Viking bracelets & arm rings are either Viking replicas, scaled-down replicas, or use designs found on other Viking artefacts. They are all solid, bangle-style Viking bracelets that are open, so that you can slip them on and off without opening or closing them and suitable for men & women.

Twisted Viking bracelets with a choice of raven, dragon or wolf heads. Viking arm ring replicas from Jutland & Falster in Denmark and smaller bangle style Viking bracelets with either a Viking ship, Valknut, or Thor's hammer symbol.

See what we have on offer and choose your ideal Viking bracelet now.


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