Horn Bugles / Blowing Horns

Horn Bugles / Blowing Horns - Viking Costume Accessories

Replica Horn Bugles / Blowing Horns in 3 Sizes.

Our horn bugles (or blowing horns) are handmade in England from a single piece of cow horn. The mouth piece does not contain a reed and so is blown with pursed lips like a trumpet, producing a deep resonating sound. Blowing horns were used in Viking and Medieval times as a means of communication, either to keep in contact with your friends (e.g. during hunting), or to warn people of your approach (Blowing your horn was a way of showing that you were not engaged in any criminal activity!) These are natural products, so shape, size and colour will vary and have a natural finish. The larger the blowing horn the deeper the sound. Small blowing horns must be blown very hard and produce a high-pitched sound, large blowing horns are blown very loosely and produce a deep sound and medium blowing horns are generally the easiest to blow and produce the best sound!


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