Viking Runestones

Viking Runestones

Viking Runestones from Gotland - Viking Ornaments

Viking Runestone Replicas from Mainland Sweden and Gotland.

Thousands of hand-carved runestones can be found throughout Scandinavia and have been erected in memory of lost ones, much like gravestones of present day. Sweden has had around 2,500 runestones discovered to present day, which is by far the vastest collection of runestones in the world. Many are concentrated in the Uppland region of southern Sweden. Some ancient runestones have been dated back to the 3rd & 4th Century A.D, but the vast majority of surviving runestones date to 10th & 11th Century A.D and so use Futhark runes, rather than the earlier Elder Futhark runes.

We have a selection of some the the most famous runestones from Sweden, scaled down so they can be displayed comfortably in your home as beautiful ornamental pieces. The longest known runic inscription (nearly 800 characters) is found on Rökstenen (the Rök Stone) in Östergötland, which was erected in the 9th century A.D and we feature this in our collection, being the largest, heaviest and most complex of the runestones.

Each stone is free standing and handmade in Sweden from a gypsum-based stone dust called Marmorit and have the feel of real stone.


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