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Rob Wildwood Books

Step into a world of magic and mystery with our collection of books by our creator, Rob Wildwood. Immerse yourself in his latest release, “Magical Britain”, a unique atlas that unveils the enchanted and forgotten mythical past of Britain’s sacred landscape. Explore spirits, fairies, giants, and dragons in 650 sites, including 36 secret locations never before published. Continue your journey with “Magical Places of Britain”, a guidebook featuring stunning photography, folklore extracts, and detailed directions to Britain’s most mystical sites. Then, delve into “Primal Awareness”, a captivating account of mankind’s separation from nature and spirit, offering insight into our world today. Finally, embark on “Land of The Fae – Merlin’s Quest”, a mesmerizing exploration of the faery realm in Britain’s Otherworld landscape. Let these books transport you to a realm where folklore, myth, and magic converge in a spellbinding journey through the heart of Britain’s mystical heritage.