Viking Costume Making Books

Viking Costume Making Books

Viking Costume Making Books - Viking Books

Viking craft & design books for making your own Viking clothing & designing your own Viking accessories.

Viking Clothing Pattern Booklets

The complete book collection by Susanna Broome. More and more people now are making their own Viking clothing, so we have a collection of 6 pattern booklets and 4 instruction booklets for you to make your own Viking clothing. The booklets range from 11-19 pages and some come with pull out pattern templates. Each booklet has various designs with 3 different difficulty levels, from the beginner to the expert! Choose what you would like to make, then select the book that is right for you. Or buy the complete set at a discounted price!

Viking Age Costume Guide

Rus, Viking, Slavic, Ottonian, Anglo-Saxon, Frankish, Norman, Byzantine and Nomad costumes. Drawings and descriptions were created over 20 years by one of today's Jomsvikings. Knowledge, passion and experience intertwine to form clear and evocative images that will help anyone quickly and accurately find clues to the complex issues of the Viking age costume. This applies to contemporary Viking and all lovers of Dark Age and early Medieval history.


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