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Viking Cups

Indulge in the ancient Viking tradition with our exclusive collection of Handmade Viking Drinking Cups! Crafted with precision and care, our selection includes Horn Cups, Mead Cups, and Wooden Kuksa Cups, perfect for any Viking feast or modern-day celebration. Our horn mead cups are meticulously handmade from cow horn, exuding a highly polished finish for a touch of authenticity. Designed with either hardwood or flattened, polished horn bases secured with a robust resin, these cups are renowned for their exceptional quality, sturdiness, and longevity. Versatile and practical, our cups are ideal for enjoying mead, wine, or any cold beverages. Explore our range, which also encompasses polished horn beer beakers with hardwood bases and Saami Kuksa cups expertly carved from a single piece of birch wood. Embrace history and elevate your drinkware collection with our premium Viking drinking cups!