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Viking Glasses

Discover our collection of Handmade Viking and Medieval Glasses, including Viking Mead Sets, Viking Cone Beakers, Viking Claw Beakers, Medieval Glasses, Medieval Beer Glasses, and Medieval Kuttrolfs. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted using ancient techniques that date back 1000 years, making them unique works of art. Our Viking glasses are made with specially prepared raw materials to capture the authentic colors, textures, and air bubbles reminiscent of the originals.

Glassmaking has a rich history that dates back 5000 years, with the earliest blown glass emerging in the 1st century AD in the Eastern Mediterranean. During the Viking age, cone beakers were a popular choice, with numerous findings in Scandinavia, Germany, and other European regions. The unique shapes and sizes of these glasses reflect the Germanic drinking traditions of the time. Embrace the legacy of the past with our handcrafted glasses that offer a glimpse into the craftsmanship and culture of the Viking and Medieval eras. Each glass may vary slightly in thickness, size, and color, bearing the marks of its artisanal creation.