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Viking Jewellery

Viking Jewellery in Silver, Bronze, Iron, Amber, Horn & Carnelian


Explore our exquisite collection of Viking Jewellery crafted in silver, bronze, iron, amber, horn, and carnelian. Embodying a rich history, Viking jewellery was esteemed by both men and women as symbols of prosperity and prestige. Unearthed at burial sites and Viking settlements spanning Europe, these pieces encapsulate the artistry and opulence of the era. Discover authentic replicas inspired by discoveries from renowned locations like the trading post of Birka in Sweden and the enigmatic landscape of Gotland. Adorn yourself with these timeless treasures that echo the tales of warriors and seafarers from a bygone age.

Embrace the allure of Bronze & Silver, the favored metals of the Vikings, intricately used to create ornate pieces. Discover the essence of Viking artistry with animal designs derived from nature and Norse mythology adorning our exquisite pieces. Delve into the world of Viking women with our collection featuring Bronze Viking Brooches and Viking Beads, reflecting their elegance and strength. Experience the rarity of Viking Rings and Viking Earrings, symbols of prestige and sophistication among the elite Vikings. From the opulence of bronze, silver, and gold worn by the wealthy Vikings to the rustic charm of horn, bone, and iron cherished by others, our collection offers a diverse range of materials and designs. Uncover the treasures of Viking Amber, carnelian, and precious stones as you journey through our exclusive selection.

Our Viking jewellery is meticulously handcrafted from premium materials including solid 925 sterling silver, bronze, hand-forged iron, polished horn, bone, glass, or natural amber. Each piece in our captivating range is either an authentic replica of an original Viking artifact or inspired by intricate designs from ancient Viking culture. Embrace the spirit of the fierce warriors and seafarers with our unique Viking jewellery, designed to exude strength, power, and tradition. Adorn yourself with these timeless pieces that pay homage to the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the legendary Vikings.