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Viking Necklaces

Our exclusive collection of Replica Viking Necklaces available in Silver, Leather, or Amber. Choose from Thor’s hammer necklaces crafted from thick silver with snake chains or king chains. Personalize your Viking necklace by adding a split ring to attach a Viking Thor’s hammer for an epic look. Opt for King or Byzantine chains featuring slim to thick silver necklaces with Byzantine links and loop heads, perfect for adding Viking pendants or accessories. Anchor Chains offer a sleeker style with anchor links, ideal for wearing alone or with a Viking pendant attached. Embrace the rugged charm of Braided leather Viking necklaces adorned with Gotlandic dragon, ferocious wolf, or Icelandic wolf heads in bronze or sterling silver. For a touch of ancient elegance, choose from Amber Viking necklaces made from polished or raw amber chips. Browse our selection or request a custom length for a truly unique piece.