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Viking Blowing Horns

Introducing our collection of Replica Horn Bugles/Viking Blowing Horns, available in 3 sizes. Handmade in England from a single piece of cow horn, these blowing horns produce a deep, resonating sound when blown with pursed lips like a trumpet. Used in Viking and Medieval times for communication, these horns were a vital tool for signaling and warning others. Each horn is unique in shape, size, and color due to their natural finish. Larger horns create a deep sound, while smaller ones produce a high-pitched tone that requires more force to blow. Our medium-sized horns strike a perfect balance for ease of blowing and sound quality. Experience the historical significance and craftsmanship of these horns through our video demonstration showcasing all 3 sizes. Make a statement with our authentic Replica Horn Bugles/Viking Blowing Horns.