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Replica Saxon Scramasax with Leather Bound Grip - Available With or Without Stitched Leather Fitted Scabbard

Arm yourself for battle with one of our new hand-forged Viking / Saxon seaxes / scramasaxes. They come with an leather bound handle & full tang blade. The leather sheaths are hand-stitched with black linen thread and have large leather loops for hanging it on your belt / baldric. The blades are 3mm blunt re-enactment style in high carbon steel (HRC 55).

Blade length - 47cm (18.5 inch).

Total length - 61cm (24 inch).

Grip length - 10cm (4 inch).

Blade width at widest point - 38mm (1.5 inch).

Weight - 850g (1.9 lb).

Rounded end to prevent accidents on the field.

Feels beautifully balanced and a real treat to wield!