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Statue Set of the Norse Gods Odin, Thor & Frey in Solid Bronze

Our Norse God statues are copies of actual finds from the Viking age. Each is a heavy casting of solid bronze and always one of our best selling products! Get the full set here for your Asatru rituals and have the blessing & protection of the Norse gods Odin, Thor & Frey.

  • 3 figures cast in solid bronze.
  • Replicas of an actual Viking burial finds.
    • Odin - Height 100mm (4 inches). Weight 146g (5.15oz).
    • Thor - Height 80mm (3.2 inches). Weight 200g (7oz).
    • Frey - Height 90mm (3.5 inches). Weight 220g (7.8oz).
  • Get the whole set, or see our other listings to buy them individually.