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Butterfly Fitting Clasps in 925 Sterling Silver

To hang small & medium silver pendants from your necklace.

Silver butterfly fittings in 3 sizes.

  • Used for hanging medium & small silver pendants with a hole larger than 2mm.
  • Thickness of wire approx. 1.5mm (0.06 inch) for small & medium & 2mm for large.
  • Weight - Small around 1g (0.03oz).
  • Weight - Medium around 1.2g (0.04oz).
  • Weight - Large around 1.8g (0.06oz).

To open and close your butterfly fitting you will need to grip it with two hands. Place your 2 thumbs together over the fitting with your index fingers behind it. Then twist so that one thumb twists towards you and the other away from you, do not simply pull it apart as this will weaken its integrity!