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Broke Back Seax Viking Knife with Pattern Welded Blade & Decorated Scabbard

Made in Yorkshire, UK, this Viking knife / seax has a pattern-welded (or Damascus) blade and is a fine example of a Viking seax. Several types of iron & steel are forged together, beaten & then acid etched to get this exquisite pattern on the blade. The handle of the knife is made with rings of alternate red deer stag antler and tough black leather & finished with a solid bronze fitting where the blade is slotted in with a long tang. The blade itself is razor sharp and represents a unique knife that may have been used for sacrifice, or performing special Asatru rituals. It would also make a great hunting knife, or eating knife at any Viking banquet. The back of the blade is 4mm thick and angled down at the front with a working edge. The sheath is decorated with typical Viking designs and has Elder Futhark runes spelling out 'Jorfor Made Me' as it was made by the Jarl of Jorfor's Hall.

Get yourself this amazing unique Viking knife now!

  • Blade length - 14cm (5.5 inch).
  • Overall knife length - 32cm (12.6 inch).
  • Knife weight - 214g (7.5oz).
  • Knife weight with sheath - 520g (18.35oz).