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A Guide to Anglo Saxon & Viking Age Food and Drink.

Eat like a viking! volume 2 continues with Craig's experimental approach to Viking and Anglo Saxon food & drink. With quick and simple recipes, easy to follow sections on brewing and baking, it's perfect for either re-enactors or for anyone who loves cooking on an open fire.

As no cookbooks were written in this period we don't have many recipes, with most modern books on this period being rather academic and not containing any actual recipes that people can make themselves. Craig spent a lot of time reading these books and picking up as much info as he could in order to create his own recipes. He uses these recipes as his Saxon character, Athelwulf of Swindune, at various shows and cookery lessons around the UK, making porridges, beers and vast amounts of mead to fill the great mead halls!

  • Paperback: 117 pages.
  • Publisher: Independently published May 2021.
  • Language: English.
  • Product Dimensions: 28 x 21.5 x 0.7cm (11 x 8.5 x 0.25 inch).
  • Weight: 440g (15.5oz).