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Complete set of 24 Obsidian Elder Futhark Runes

In use from the 2nd - 8th century AD by early Germanic peoples, the elder Futhark runes were the oldest form of runic alphabet. Containing all the wisdom of the Nine Worlds the runes were given to Odin when he sacrificed himself by hanging on a tree for nine nights. Here we have all 24 elder Futhark runes in hand-polished snowflake obsidian, a volcanic stone that is used for grounding, protection and absorbing negative energies.

  • Hand-polished obsidian stone runes, made in the EU.
  • Each rune is around 15 - 20mm (0.6 - 0.8 inch) across.
  • Can be used for divination and fortune telling by experienced practitioners of Norse religion (Seidr).
  • Comes complete with a leather drawstring pouch.