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Statuette of the Norse God Baldr in Hand-Crafted Clay.

Baldr, (Balder / Baldur) the son of Odin & Frigg, husband of Nanna and the father of Forseti. Depicted here with a growing tree, he is associated with nature. His presence is so enlightening he actually gives off glowing light and his name translates as 'shining day'. Baldr is said to have the most beautiful hall in all of the Aesir and also had the largest ship ever built. Like his brother Thor, he is also bold and brave.

Own your statue of the light god Baldr here and place him on your altar for your Asatru / Heathen rituals.

Brand new product from The Viking / Jelling Dragon and one of 32 Norse gods & mythological beings in our new collection!

  • Handmade in clay.
  • Height approx. 11cm (4.3 inches).

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