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The ultimate collection of 32 Norse gods & mythical beings in hand-crafted clay.

Own your own collection of the Norse gods and create a special Asatru space in your house with our ultimate new set of 32 Norse gods!

The set includes:

(Top row on main image) - Vör, Skadi, Gersemi, Fulla, Gefjun, Bragi, Forseti, Njord, Heimdall, Eir.

(Middle row on main image) - The Norns (Vidandi, Urd & Skuld), Hela (Hel), Freya, Sif, Thor, Odin, Frigg, Loki, Tyr.

(Bottom row on main image) - Idunn, Nerta, Hnossa, Valkyrie, Nanna, Dellingr, Freyr, Baldr, Gna, Jord, Ullr.

Each piece is around 10cm (4 inches) high, 3cm (1.25 inch) wide and comes individually wrapped for extra protection.


All statues available individually too.