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Viking Style Eating Knife with Carbon Steel Sharp Blade & Leather Scabbard

Made in Yorkshire, UK, this Viking-style eating knife has a carbon steel, razor-sharp full tang blade and great for feasting / whittling / crafts / hunting. The handle of the knife is made with rings of tough, boiled leather rings & finished with a solid pewter Viking coin. It would also make a great hunting knife, or eating knife at any Viking banquet. The sheath is hand-stitched from 3mm brown leather and was made by the Jarl of Jorfor's Hall.

A new product from The Jelling Dragon!

  • Blade length - 6.2cm (2.5 inch).
  • Overall knife length - 17cm (6.75 inch).
  • Knife weight - 67g (2.35oz).
  • Knife weight with scabbard - 124g (4.35oz).