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Based on years of musical experience, and a deep study of the musical traditions & culture of Scandinavia, the Nordic ritual folk ambient project Nytt Land created 'Hávamál'. The entire text on the album is taken from the second and largest of the verse, 'Elder Edda (Edda Sæmundar) - Hávamál (Sayings of the high one)' and executed in the old Norse language, with the majority of the musical material is played on Norse instruments. Plunge into the mysterious world of the northern epics, with its deities, heroes and traditions.

  • Released in late 2015.
  • 10 tracks of Nordic folk music from Russia.
  • Norse instruments: Bowed lyre (tagelharpa), overtone flute (seljefloyte), tambourine (frame-drum), jew's harp.
  • NYTT LAND plays nordic ritual folk inspired by ancient Edda's Sæmundar.