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Hand-Forged Woman's Knife

This style of knife was in use from Iron Age to Viking times. It has been hand-forged in the Netherlands by a master craftsman from case-hardened iron and given a razor sharp blade. Great for eating, skinning, feasting, leatherwork & other crafts.

The shape of the knife indicates it would have been used for scraping animal hides, which was traditionally the woman's job in Viking culture. Today it can be used by Viking men or women and handy for various uses, such as eating, leather craft, whittling, skinning, hide scraping, etc.

Total knife length: 15cm (6 inches). Blade length: 8.2cm (3.25 inches).

Buy the knife on its own, have it with a handmade leather sheath.

Knife weight approx: 37g (1.3oz), with sheath: 60g (2.1oz).

Knives available, sheaths - currently out of stock!