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A bronze replica of the original arm ring from the Hørdum hoard, Jutland, Denmark, c.800-900.

Viking arm ring for men or women in a rich golden bronze

This arm ring is a precise sized replica of the original Viking arm ring found in Denmark. It is a solid, bangle-style Viking bracelet that is open, so that you can slip them on and off without opening or closing them.

  • A beautiful cast version of an original Viking bracelet in solid bronze.
  • Internal dimensions 75 x 55mm (3 x 2.35 inches).
  • Internal circumference 21cm (8.25 inches), but can be adjusted.
  • Width 24mm (1 inch) at the front tapering down to 15mm (0.6 inch) at the ends.
  • Weight 40g (1.4oz).