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Helm of Awe Pendant in Solid Pewter

This pewter pendant is a replica of the Helm of Awe symbol and hangs on an adjustable leather thong.

The helm of awe was originally a kind of sphere of magical power to strike fear into the enemy. It was associated with the power of serpents to paralyze their prey before striking and connected with Fáfnir. The Helm of Awe is one of the most powerful protective Viking symbols used not only for the purpose of protection from disease, but even to encourage all people who might suffer from depression or anxiety. In Norse myths it is said that the Helm of Awe symbol was worn between the eyes to cause fear in your enemies, and to protect against the abuse of power.

Diameter: 34mm (1.3 inch).

Thickness: 2mm.

Weight: 12g (0.4oz).