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Elder Futhark Rune Pendant on Leather Thong

Before the times of the Vikings, the elder Futhark runes were used by Germanic tribes across Europe until superseded by the simpler Younger Futhark Runes. The Elder Futhark runes consisted of 24 characters, each of which has a symbolic meaning, such as wealth, gift, Thor, possession and many more.

We have always had rune sets in hand-carved wood and then more recently in obsidian stone, but now we have them in hand-cut veg-tan leather.

Runic pendants have grown in popularity over recent years and are worn as a protection amulet, for good luck, or to honour the old Norse gods.

We now have a selection of these available in hand-cut vegetable tan leather, strung on a long leather thong.

Choose your favourite rune pendant now from our stock, or email us to have any of the Elder Futhark runes made into your own special pendant.