Complete Meier Dice Game


Meier - Viking Liar's Dice Game

This Viking version of Liar Dice called 'Meier' uses two dice and a shaker which keeps the roll concealed. Meier can be played by any number of players, each of which has 6 lives. You must roll higher than the previous player and then declare your score. Doubles score highest, but the highest score of all is a 'Meier' 2/1. Each round continues until a player accuses the previous player of lying. If the player that was challenged was lying then they lose a life, otherwise it's the accuser who loses a life! Play continues until only one player has lives remaining. Meier is a very fast and fun game, great at parties!

  • Includes leather Meier shaker.
  • 2 x bone Viking dice.
  • Comprehensive Meier rules.
  • Shaker approx dimensions: Height - 70mm (2.75 inch), Diameter - 65mm (2.5 inch).
  • Shaker also available separately.
  • Complete Game
  • Meier Shaker Only

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