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Small Viking drinking horn with shaped and fitted horn stand.

Feast like a Viking with our drinking horns, from half a pint (250ml) to 4 pints (2000ml). Use our Viking drinking horns for beer, mead, wine, water, or any cold drinks. Choose your epic drinking horn and then have a look to see if you want a leather belt hanger, leather shoulder strap, iron horn stand, horn finial, or choose this one that comes complete with it's own horn stand made from the same piece of horn. We also have leather straps & belt hangers with hand-carved Viking designs on them for that something special!

  • Horn length 25 - 38cm (10 - 15 inches).
  • Capacity: Approx. 250 - 350ml (8.5 - 12 US fl.oz).
  • Stand not available separately as they are shaped and fitted to each individual horn.