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Rawhide Reels, Sold in Various lengths.

Use our rawhide reels for your shield edging. To use then place the rawhide in a bucket of water and wait until it it soft enough to work with. Stretch the rawhide around your shield edge and leave to dry, ensuring you have equal overlap at both sides. Once dry then you can drill holes and attach with our rivets, or use thick leather thong if you want it stitched.

  • All reels are approximately 45mm (1.75 inch) wide.
  • Prices are per roll.
  • To work out how much you need then it will be 3.141 x shield diameter.
    • Common shield sizes are 28, 30 & 32 inch (71, 76 & 81cm)
    • Rawhide required for your shield, to allow for a bit of overlap:
      • 28 inch (71cm) shield = 230cm
      • 30 inch (76cm) shield = 245cm
      • 32 inch (81cm) shield = 260cm
  • To use then soak in cold water until it is wet and pliable.
  • Once soaked and ready to use then mould the rawhide along your shield edge.
  • Once dried on your shield edge then make the holes you require to rivet the rawhide on.
  • All present stock sizes are listed in the dropdown menu.