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Reenactment Viking Hand Axe with Ash Handle

Ideal for Viking reenactment these axes have a blunt mild steel blade with a strong ash wood handle. The axe was on of the most common weapons used by the Vikings and is great for close combat. Swords would only have been used by higher status warriors, such as Jarls, Earls, House Karls and Kings. Your average Viking would have had either a hand axe, seax, or both. On a crowded battlefield a sword would be very difficult to wield, but an axe or long knife would be the best weapon to use effectively.

Overall length - 52cm (20.5 inch).

Head width - 8cm (3.15 inch), length - 15cm (5.9 inch).

Shaft - 2.5 x 3.5cm (1 x 1.4 inch).

Weight - 555g (1.2lb).