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A runic arm ring / bracelet covered in interlaced dragon designs in the Ringerike style, ending in Thor's hammer and Valknut motifs.

Viking arm rings signified a Viking warrior's right of passage and a symbol of manhood. They were worn either just above the elbow or just above the bicep and a Viking warrior's experience was signified by the amount of arm rings that he, or she wore. Many of our Viking armrings are direct replicas of orignal Viking finds and others use designs from genuine Viking artefacts.

  • The runes are taken from original inscriptions, and read: heil fer thu ok i hugum gothum (from a rune stick from 12th century Bergen), meaning 'health to you and peace of mind'.
  • The inscription continues: Thor thik sigi, Freya thik vigi, Othinn vigi thesar runar, meaning 'Thor protect you, Freya bless you, Odin bless these runes'.
  • Inscription taken from various runestones from 10th and 11th century Denmark and Sweden and an Anglo-Saxon manuscripts.
  • Large - 75 x 55mm (3 x 2.2 inch), internal circumference - 20 - 22cm (8 - 9 inch). Thickness 16mm (0.6 inch), tapering to 9mm (0.35 inch). Weight 76g (2.7oz).
  • Medium - 65 x 50mm (2.5 x 2 inch), internal circumference - 18 - 20cm (7 - 8 inch). Thickness 16mm (0.6 inch), tapering to 9mm (0.35 inch). Weight 50g (1.75oz).