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Replica Saxon Scramasax with Runic Inscription & Stitched Leather Sheath.

Arm yourself for battle with a replica hand-forged Saxon seaxes / scramasaxes. This is replica of a Saxon seax that found in the river Thames in the 19th century and is one of the only of it's kind that had a runic inscription on. It displays the complete Anglo Saxon runic alphabet and the name 'Beagnoth', which is thought to be named after the wielder, or the smith that forged it.

They come with a hardwood handle handle with brass rivets & banding & full tang blade for extra durability. The leather sheaths are hand-stitched with thick leather cord and have large leather loops for hanging it on your belt / baldric. The blades are 2mm blunt re-enactment style in EN45 spring steel (HRC 48).

Blade length - 56cm (22 inch).

Total length - 74cm (29 inch).

Grip length - 17.8cm (7 inch).

Blade width at widest point - 40mm (1.6 inch).

Weight - 820g (1.8 lb).

Rounded end to prevent accidents on the field and a great addition to your kit!