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We are the first retailer of this new and inspiring book from Susanna Broome!


The Vendel period spans from the 6th to 8th century AD. There are no clothing fragments that have been recovered from this age that could be classed as men's clothing and only small fragments of women's clothing.

The most reliable sources from the Vendel period have been found in women's graves and depictions on gold foil figures, pressblech and Gotland picture stones.

The designs and techniques seen in this amazing new book from Susanna Broome show interpretations of clothing worn in Vendel period Scandinavia.

It includes patterns and designs for tunics, trousers, wrap-over coats, Peplos and shawls / cloaks.

Peplos were the predecessor to the Viking age Smokkr and most examples have been found dating back to the late iron age.

For more info then get yourself this booklet and have a go at making your own Vendel / early Viking age clothing.

  • 19 pages of designs, drawings, patterns and techniques.
  • Part of our Viking clothing book range.
  • Step by step instructions in English.
  • From beginner to expert.