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Blunt, battle-ready Viking swords. The blades are tempered 1065 high-carbon steel, hardened to 50HRC. The pommels and crossguards are steel and the grips are leather bound wood. These are nice light blades suitable for re-enactment combat and come complete with steel tipped scabbards, which include two belt hanger loops. We guarantee* the blade against breakage for the first year of combat use.

Viking sword, 9-10th Century with tri-lobe pommel and steel tipped scabbard.  Blade length 30.25 inches (77cm), overall length 36 inches (91.5cm).
Handle length 4 inches (10cm).
Sword weight 1.16kg (2.55lb).
Balance point 17cm (6.75 inches).
Complete with solid scabbard & loops for hanging.