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Handmade Glass Mead bottle on iron stand, with or without 2 x handmade Viking age cone glasses.

  • Handmade green tinted glass and iron serpent stand.
  • Choose bottle on its own, or select which glasses you want.
  • Total Bottle height on stand 27.5cm (10.75 inches). Bottle height 23cm (9 inches). Bottle capacity 400ml (13.5 US fl.oz).
  • Small mead glasses - capacity 100ml (3.38 US fl.oz). Glass height 10cm (4 inches), with stand 12cm (4.75 inches), diameter 7cm (2.75 inches).
  • All other cone glasses - capacity 200ml (6.75 US fl.oz). Glass height 13.5cm (5.5 inches), with stand 15.5cm (6.2 inches), diameter 9cm (3.3 inches).