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Runic Viking t-shirt depicting the wolf Fenrir with runic inscription.

Each Viking runic t-shirt is made from high quality, dense 205g cotton, with printed runic inscription & design.

  • The front depicts the monstrous wolf Fenrir, bound and awaiting Ragnarok.
  • The inscription is in viking runes, with a line from a 10th century Old Norse poem that fortells the doom of the gods.
  • It reads: 'Festr.mun.slitna.en.freki.renna' - 'The bond will break and the wolf runs free'.
  • The back of the shirt shows the 2 wolves 'Skol and Háti', who at Ragnarok, will swallow the sun and the moon.
  • 100% thick cotton black t-shirt in sizes small to 3XL.
  • All sizes currently now made to order in 1 - 3 weeks.